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"It’s just like what they did to us in 1976" - My mother

Scenes from the Soweto Student Uprising (1976) and the recent Ferguson protests

RIP Michael Brown

*Photos from various sources. No copyright infringement intended.

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sign me right the fuck up

Mmmm fuck.


sign me right the fuck up

Mmmm fuck.


i broke up with my gym
we were just not working out

23 August, 2014


moment of silence for all my wasted potential

21 August, 2014



When you crack your knuckles you hurt the skeleton inside you

Good, the skeleton needs to know that I am the alpha and I am in control.

19 August, 2014

"It’s a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you’re hurt."
Tom Gates (via golden-needle)

19 August, 2014

lets-letlive-again said: You're welcome! I am too! Your responses to some of the shit people ask are priceless! Lol :)

lol God knows I get plenty of messages too. Thanks again.

Oh and for some reason my last response didn’t post to the blog l. Fucking Tumblr mobile!

7 August, 2014

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Horsing around with Kayla around the neighborhood.

Anonymous said: Mmm hello hot stuff!!!

I am stuff consisting of high temperature.

7 August, 2014


my life became 600% better when i started acting like a self obsessed piece of shit like 10/10 would recommend

even if u don’t actually genuinely love yourself its fuckin fun to act like you think you’re the human embodiment of perfection go on try it life’s too short to not fall in love with yourself

4 August, 2014

I feel soooooo nice right now.

2 August, 2014

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Starting the day with a douchebag mirror selfie. Feeling good.

Starting the day with a douchebag mirror selfie. Feeling good.

Sometimes I feel like whoever sends me messages talking shit probably sends messages to Ciara and Angela too just to create drama. They’ll say they love me and hate her, then go to her blog and say they hate me and love her. Blah blah blah. Before you know it, it gets a rise out of someone, they post a response and it causes more shit. Before you know it, there’s a stupid internet war going on. So stupid.

31 July, 2014

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